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Replace Missing Teeth with Dental Bridges in Miami Beach


If you are missing one or more teeth, a dental bridge can be a great option to help you restore your smile for eating, for the health of neighboring teeth, as well as for the ability to smile with confidence. Replacing a missing tooth as soon as possible is important. A gap in your smile does more than impact your self-confidence. It can make eating and oral hygiene a challenge and it can have a negative impact on your jaw bone, your neighboring teeth and your entire facial structure. Dr. Yudah Ari Benmergui DDS Miami Beach dentist can offer dental bridges and alternatives to you in order to help you replace one or more missing teeth. Book a consultation today and learn more about options.

Who Should Consider a Dental Bridge?

Any patient that has experienced tooth loss may be a candidate for a dental bridge. With the exception of a patient who has lost all or most of their teeth, a dental bridge can be used to restore your smile and “bridge” the gap between teeth that can be unsightly and lead to additional oral health problems. A dental bridge is also recommended because it can restore your ability to chew and speak properly, maintain the shape of your face, as well as prevent your healthy teeth from drifting out of position.

Fixed Dental Bridges

Dr. Yudah Ari Benmergui DDS, a Miami Beach, Florida dentist, utilizes fixed dental bridges to provide optimal restorations for our patients with missing teeth. As these types of bridges are affixed by dental crowns, they offer the benefit of strength as well as aesthetics and function.

Choose Our Miami Beach, FL Dental Office?

Dental bridges, dental implants, and other smile restoration options are done in our relaxing and modern dental office. Every member of Bal Harbour Smiles’s Miami Beach dental team wants you to have something to smile about. Call us at (305) 930-6154 to book a consultation.

More About Dental Bridges:

The anatomy of a dental bridge is that it consists of two crowns and an artificial tooth. All pieces in the bridge are designed specifically for your smile to match in seamlessly with tooth shape and shade. Two porcelain crowns cap the teeth that are on either side of the gap and the artificial tooth fills that gap comfortably.

For those interested in alternatives to dental bridges, we can also offer dental implants, a standalone option that replaces each individual missing tooth. Implant supported bridges may also be an option for those with a gap of more than one tooth. Talk to us about your smile and we can offer you a variety of solutions including full mouth restoration.

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