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Cosmetic Contouring: Offered at Bal Harbour Smiles in Miami Beach, FL

Miami Beach dentists at Bal Harbour Smiles can leverage a variety of cosmetic dental procedures to help you improve the look of your smile. Dental bonding, often called cosmetic bonding or cosmetic contouring is a highly versatile area of dentistry that can be used to significantly improve the look of your smile. Want to learn more? Want to find out if it’s right for your smile? Read below and consider booking a no-obligation consultation with Dr. Yudah Ari Benmergui, who is taking on new patients and has an excellent reputation in dentistry in the Miami Beach area.

Cosmetic Contouring/ Dental Bonding: A Highly Versatile Option


Cosmetic bonding material, the same material used in white dental fillings, can be molded in a variety of ways. It can be used to cover stains, patch up chipped teeth, eliminate large spaces or gaps between teeth, and it’s also used as an adhesive in attaching dental veneers to the front of teeth.  Dental bonding does have limitations but whether it is deemed to be a good option for you or we have other recommendations to help you with smile improvements we are more than happy to review your situation and make appropriate recommendations to help you with your smile appearance as well as oral health goals.

If you’re interested in having old silver fillings replaced with white fillings, we can help do this safely, too, resulting in a seamless white smile.

An additional advantage to dental bonding is that it can be used to restore cavities or fillings. Patients who have unattractive silver or amalgam fillings can have them replaced with tooth-colored fillings that are made to match the natural color of their teeth. Dental bonding also gives the added benefit of not expanding and contracting when coming in contact with hot or cold foods or drinks. Silver or amalgam fillings do not contain the same properties and are often responsible for the fracture of teeth.

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