All-on-4 Dental Implants

Replace a Full Dental Arch with All-on-4

Using the innovative All-on-4® technique, Bal Harbour Smiles offers same-day dental implants placement and restoration services, helping patients to achieve immediate dental form and function. For patients with reduced jawbone density, we can strategically place four dental implants to support a full arch denture, without the need of a bone graft or sinus lift. Dr. Yudah Ari Benmergui and Dr. Joe Garri in Miami Beach, FL, are highly experienced implant dentists, committed to providing patients with the latest technology and techniques. We places and restores both traditional and immediate-load dental implants, and provides top quality crowns, dentures, and bridges, including the premium Prettau® Zirconia bridge.

About the All-on-4 Technique

All-on-4 can be an optimal treatment option for patients who desire an implant-based alternative to traditional dentures. With this proven technique, you can enjoy all of the benefits of dental implants with a shorter treatment timeline and lower costs.

Instead of placing six or more implants in the dental arch, Dr. Benmergui can secure a full set of teeth with four strategically placed implants. In addition to two straight implants in the anterior (front) area, we can place two longer, tilted implants to take maximum advantage of thicker posterior bone. This unique process can eliminate the need for a pre-implant bone graft procedure. If you are told you are not an ideal candidate for traditional implants, you can may qualify for All-on-4 treatment.

All on 4 Demonstration

Our team can perform the All-on-4 technique, making use of available bone to ensure a successful dental implants treatment.

Unique Benefits

All-on-4 provides many benefits for patients, including:

  • A superior solution – Your restoration can provide all of the benefits of traditional implant prosthetics, including optimal stability, a natural appearance, and improved oral health.
  • Shorter timeline – Avoiding bone grafting and sinus lift procedures trims months off of your total treatment time, and post-op recovery time is often shorter with All-on-4.
  • Immediate restoration – You can be fitted with a restoration immediately after surgery. Compared to other temporary solutions, this high quality denture provides enhanced function and aesthetics.
  • Cost-effective treatment – With fewer implants placed and no prerequisite procedures, this technique can be less costly than traditional dental implants.

Not only can treatment impact the appearance of your smile, but it can also improve the function of your smile.

The Treatment Process

During your initial consultation, Dr. Benmergui can conduct a comprehensive exam, discuss your lifestyle and oral health history, and design a custom treatment plan tailored to your needs. When necessary, we can also provide periodontal care or other dental treatments to prepare you for the dental implants process.

For patients with reduced jawbone density, we can strategically place four dental implants to support a full arch denture, without the need of a bone graft or sinus lift.

Our office uses a cone beam computed tomography (CT) scanner, allowing the doctor to obtain highly detailed images of your jaw and soft tissue. Using this technology, we can assess your jaw bone density and plan a precise implant strategy.


We perform the All-on-4 procedure on an outpatient basis in our office. To ensure your complete comfort throughout the process, we offer sedation dentistry options, including intravenous (IV) sedation. In many cases, we can provide you with your immediate restoration after surgery.

After a three to six month healing period, during which your dental implants can fuse with underlying tissue, you can return to our office to receive your final prosthesis. At Bal Harbour Smiles, we offer a premium Prettau Zirconia bridge option, which delivers unparalleled longevity and a remarkably natural appearance.

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